What is Regional Pain Syndrome

Regional pain syndrome is the collective feeling of pain from the different parts of the body under which belonging to the same region. The pain is said to be severely burning which may cause a person to be incapable of doing daily activities. Aside from the hallmark symptom which is pain, there are still several symptoms linked with such.

With regional pain syndrome, the patient may initially feel sweaty. Sweating is the body’s way to finally cope with extreme pain. One may even feel shaky while sweating which is a sign that indeed pain goes to be severe.

Because of extreme pain, the person may also feel sensitivity to touch. There is that voluntary guarding action that is displayed by a person. For instance, a threat to come in contact with the painful region of the body may cause a person to guard the area with hands.

The region affected may also have changes when it comes to skin color. Since pain may be caused by an inflamed body part, the skin may appear to be blotched with reddish to purplish large patches. This happens as the body acts to resist infection from entering the system if this causes the existence of the pain syndrome.

Aside from the changes in appearance of the skin, there are also changes in its temperature. It may feel warmer or cooler to touch. This temperature change is highly linked with inflammation too which is the most common cause of regional pain.

Yet, regional pain syndrome cannot just be diagnosed by a common person who has no background with medicine. This is why there is a need to consult a doctor just when all of the symptoms mentioned are experienced. There are tests that need to be done first before one can actually tell the real ailment.

Xray and MRI are two of the most common tests that doctors may suggest the person to undertake. These tests are used to rule out the presence of neoplasms or injuries affecting the internal body organs. Bone scans may also be done to know if the regional syndrome is caused by bone structures.

Aside from knowing the real cause of the regional pain syndrome, the tests mentioned are also great tools in order to find the right treatment regime to follow to correct the condition. Since regional pain syndrome is a vague term, it has faceted causes such as inflammation, bone damage, bone degeneration and the list goes on.

The feeling of pain alone in a certain part of the body may just push a person to rush to the hospital. The feeling is tripled in persons with regional pain syndrome as there is not only one but a lot of body parts affected. Before this gets worse or before pain radiates to several parts of the body, there is a great deal over stopping it from coming first by consulting the doctor and by strictly adhering to treatment regimens to avoid getting entangled in the worst case scenario.