Top Facts You Need to Know About Tolosa Hunt Syndrome

Tolosa Hunt Syndrome is considered to be a rare condition. It is characterized by pain around the area of the eye and at the back of the eye as well. This goes with weakness and paralysis of the eye muscles too. This is why the hallmark sign of Tolosa Hunt Syndrome is the drooping of the eyelids.

Aside from drooping of the eyelids which comes to be the hallmark sign of Tolosa Hunt Syndrome, there are also other symptoms that come to support the diagnosis of the disease. One is the intense pain on the areas around the eyes. In most cases, the nerves around the eyes come to be affected too and it would come to lead to the paralysis on the part of the facial muscles. Usually, these symptoms come to just subside even without intervention.

There are also other symptoms that may come as mild and may not be evident to all suffering from the same condition. At a time, a person may just have double vision. This is due to the fact that the nerves on the eyes are already tapped that its weakness might come to be coupled with an impaired vision. There may also be fever. Fever is usually the first sign that your body is responding to the changes in its normal trend. Just when you consider fever as something unpleasant it usually is a sign that your body is still working. In more serious times, chronic fatigue might even be suffered as well as vertigo and headaches.

What causes Tolosa Hunt Syndrome? There is no specific cause of this syndrome. Up to this date, studies are still made to detect the real cause of such condition. But, there are some things linked to its existence that might come to support the presence of the signs and symptoms. One cause deemed possible is the swelling on the peri-orbital area especially on the fissures at the back of the eyes.

Though the causes are not specifically determined, there are treatments for such condition that are proven to provide ease. Since the person suffering from the condition may feel the pains of headache, corticosteroids can be taken. Corticosteroids serve as analgesics. Analgesia tends to block pain receptors thus providing a lasting relief. There are other treatment options too that one can use provided that prescription from a doctor is acquired. Self-medication will never do you any good when treating this condition because not everything applies to everyone.

Tolosa Hunt Syndrome is not a popular disease. This is due to the fact that it rarely affects a wide population of people. Yet, once it comes to attack, the sufferer would really feel the impact of having such painful condition. Once the first signs of the condition are felt, it is advised to take medical help. This may just be a mild condition that can even fade away in some cases but there is still a great need to take medical help to stay on the safe side.